Rent to Credit Pricing

Report up to 24 months of rental history for a one-time enrollment fee of only:

Rent Reporting Price 2

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your credit score will increase (as long as you keep your other accounts current)   

Roommate / Spouse Reporting

Have a roommate or spouse on your lease? Add roommate reporting and save $50 on your order!

Historical Reporting

Report up to 2 years of rental history at up to 2 rental addresses for maximum credit impact – INCLUDED

What We Do

We go to work for you. We verify your information. We contact your landlord. We show them our one click method. We report for you each month. How easy is that?


Questions? Call us at (844) 307-3700


Your $99 enrollment includes verification and reporting of up to 24 months of past rental history

Add a Roommate or Spouse and save $50 on your order!

Pricing January 4, 2011

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