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Rent to Credit Increase

How we add rent payments to your credit report.

Right after you sign up, we send your landlord an email asking them to verify your rental info. Once we get that back, and do some verification on our end, we send your file off to be added to your credit report. The whole process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks and there is no cost to your landlord. After the initial verification, we’ll send your landlord an email each month where he or she can verify your rent payment with a single click.

There are no contracts to sign. You can cancel at any time.

Rent reporting is EASY, even for your Landlord

All it takes is one click from your landlord to confirm your rent payment. (It only takes a few seconds to verify.) We’ll send your landlord an email, all they do is open it, click on the “Verify Now” button, confirm your rent payment and press send. We report to the credit reporting agencies for you. It’s that easy.

Checking credit report after reporting rent payments

Enroll today and quickly build your credit score with rent reporting

Your Improved Credit Score in Action

There’s no better feeling than when you see the new house you want and know you’ll be approved. Taking the necessary steps to improve your credit score now will only help you turn this dream into a reality.

Family who had rent payments added to their credit report


Your $99.95 enrollment includes verification and reporting of up to 24 months of past rental history

Add a Roommate or Spouse and save $50 on your order!

No hidden fees!



Enroll today and quickly build your credit score with rent reporting

How It Works February 4, 2014

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