Raise Your Credit Score by Reporting Your Largest Monthly Bill — Your Rent.

Subscribing to Rent to Credit will have an astounding ripple effect on your credit report, and will raise your score — often drastically!

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“We are moving toward showing a 360 view of a person, instead of just a number. If a renter is evicted, that negative mark already shows up on a credit report. For example, let’s say a person that has been reporting their rent for years loses their job and has to move back in with their family. It is much easier to explain one unfortunate event in that person’s life by having several years’ worth of proof that rent was paid on time. That’s what we call a better 360 view of someone.”

I.T. Director at a Credit Reporting Agency

Initial Registration Fee:

$99.95 One-Time Payment (includes up to 24 months of past rental history)

Build Your Credit Quick and Easy

Renters December 18, 2017

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